Yvonne's Piano World provides piano and theory lessons to students of all levels. The studio is located in Pasadena, CA 91107, near the intersection of Pasadena, San Marino, Arcadia and the San Gabriel Valley. It is open to anyone with interest in learning piano.

I am a performer and I also love teaching. Both of these are equivalent to me. When I perform, I share my personality and emotion with the audience; when I teach, I share my knowledge and perception of life with my students.

Teaching piano is not just showing how to play and asking students to follow. Instead, everybody can interpret music differently, according to her/his own individuality. Starting from telling the background of the piece, students and I picture the feelings behind the notes in our minds. We try various ways of playing and taste the difference. After public performances, they appreciate and enjoy the pieces they finish. This is the best moment for both the teacher and student.

Piano lessons should be enjoyable and tailored to each individual. Students from Yvonne's Studio have won many piano competitions, locally, nationally, and internationally. More importantly, many former students still enjoy playing piano after they move on to college. The goal of music is to make it a life-long journey to be carried on to the next generations.