Lesson Types:

Classic, General

Lesson Rates:

$45/30mins, $65/45mins, $90/60mins, $130/90mins



It is preferable to have tuition paid at the first lesson of the month and the amount is determined by the number of lessons in that month. It is considered late if not paid by the third week. A $20 late fee will be charged. Not paying the tuition on time may result in losing your time slot.


All Students are encouraged to perform in the studio recital. The recital will be held twice a year. The date will be announced one month before. Students will perform two or three pieces. There is a $20 fee per student to cover costs of halls, piano tuning, programs, etc.


Unlike the school year schedule, attendance at summer sessions is more flexible, allowing for vacations. Students are encouraged to continue in the summer months and those who participate during summer for at least two months will have priority choosing schedule for fall. Students who do not participate in summer classes but wish to reserve a fall time must make the reservation before the summer.


The tuition you pay reserves a time. Unless I am informed of absence at the beginning of the month or at least 24 hours in advance, there is no refund or makeup lesson; the only exceptions are illness and accidents. Makeup lessons might be scheduled according to available slots. Reserved time slot will be forfeited if - 1) there are more than two times per semester of last minute cancellation and/or no-show 2) non-sick absent for two times or more in a month for two consecutive months.


Material necessary for lessons will be provided according to students' progress. However, these books are not free. It is expected to be included in the next month's payment; otherwise, the material is considered lent and will be taken back.